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The Arrangement


The Arrangement allows a glimpse into a lifestyle that feels like an escape from reality. This story had me hooked right from the start. Lucy and Owen decide to set some rules in order to have an open marriage. The rules alone fascinated me. Oh, and the humor. I'd read this book again just for the humor.

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The Distance Home


Returning home after her father dies, Emma finds that after having been away for sixteen years, some things, like feeling at home and connected to her neighbors horses, especially Jack, hasn’t changed, but her relationship with her childhood friend, Jillian, seems it will never be the same.

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This book seemed very light hearted and sweet for the first 3/4's of the book. For a romance, it has a very unusual ending, but I like being surprised and I don't need the same kind of ending to every story. This was the first Jane Green novel I've read, but will add her other books to my TBR list.

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Year of Yes


Yes. This is a fantastic book. Each chapter is sort of a motivational-tell-all essay. Honest and enlightening.  I always want to read an inspiring memoir type book every year and this one was super. I love Shonda Rhimes and enjoyed several seasons of Grey's Anatomy, so this one made me curious.

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So creepy! Maybe because I can see how easily this could happen in today's social media age, and because I have young teenage daughters.

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